2 weeks online acceleration program

Sometimes you have to take a step back to gain momentum.

Definitely the last two months the whole world made a step back to face a new unexpected challenge.

Once more technology stepped up to help and reveal itself as a must. Social distancing brought the remote work to many people who were not used to it and many industries had to adapt their services.

As you know, our Booster acceleration program is partially remote but every month we shared a whole week with the startups at our headquarters. But now we had to take a breathe.

But taking a breathe for us means great brainstorming sessions to keep helping the retail digital transformation.

And this is how Fast Track was born.



We could say that it’s an accelerated acceleration program.

  • 2 weeks
  • 5 startups
  • Expert sessions with retailers
  • Workshops
  • Group meetings
  • Contact with investors

All the benefits of an acceleration program concentrated in 2 weeks of hard work. We are no joking by saying hard work as you will need to clear your agenda but it will boost your activity.

It is time to know how to play with the big boys and don’t be afraid to introduce your amazing solution to them.

July 2020 is the selected month, if you think you are ready for this follow this link and send us your details. You might be selected to be one of the 5 startups!

Ready to boost it?

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