I liked the wide commerce network that EGI has to offer.

Those were intensive 3 months that helped me to understand who is the market that I need to aim to and validate my product with relevant prospects.

I would recommend young startups that are looking to expand.

Booster helped us with new contacts and more vision for our business. For me, the best of the program was the human team that makes it possible.

Three words that can define the program are: Europe – Contacts and Ecommerce.

Thanks to the program we won 40 new customers launching our products into the Spanish market.

The program gave us the chance to introduce Transactionale into a new market, the chance to reach important companies in the market and to get their feedback about our products.

EGI Group has a really strong network and they can really help you to make your business grow.

Be part of the program gave us the chance to test and to adjust our value proposition with professionals of the Retail arena and potential customers.

We are grateful for the high quality of the mentors we worked with during the program, these great professionals shown us real intros and POC’s proposals to train us.

Retail, focus and growth would be Booster’s keywords.

Thanks to Booster we could define much better our sales process. The program was a great help to get clear feedback from our customers to keep improving our product.

What we liked the most was the training and the chance to meet top e-commerce players both nationally and internationally.

Booster acceleration program is: Training, contacts and definition.

We had never been part of an international program before Booster I and it definitely help us to know which were the next steps to take.

We could increase our sales and expand our business thanks to the Sales meetings we had during the acceleration program.

I recommend the program to any tech company with a saas product.